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Our Ranking Process

We take a formulaic approach to determine which design/build professionals are selected. Each candidate is scored across a variety of dimensions and a composite score is calculated. Those with the highest composite scores are selected.

#1. Identification

We pull prospects BuildZoom, which maintains a database of every licensed design/build professional in the US. We’ll pull only those professionals with a history of permitted work.

#2. Feedback

We compile client feedback in a few different ways: 1. We will review client reviews from sites including Yelp and the BBB; 2. In certain cases, we will use our network to provide industry references and feedback.

#3. Industry awards and affiliations

Next, we’ll take a closer look at the candidate’s industry participation and recognition. Participation in a trade association is a strong heuristic; awards from legitimate organizations can also earn the candidate points.

#4. Final analysis

Finally, we’ll take a closer look at the finalist’s LinkedIn and Website to understand their personal work experience, what they say about themselves, and review photos of work they showcase (that have some identifying label such as an address or a project name).

#5. Final write-up and outreach

A member of our staff will then write a profile of the candidate and a draft will be shared with the candidate before we publish the article, allowing them to share additional information or flag inaccuracies. We do pay close attention to how they treat and engage our team, and have dropped finalists who ignore or treat our team with a lack of professionalism.

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