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The Best Residential Architects and Designers in Baltimore

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Baltimore is famous for many things, including its famous seafood, its thriving arts and culture scene, and its rich history. The city’s excellent location, friendly neighborhoods, and job opportunities make it an ideal place to live. If you want to build your dream home, below are 15 of the best residential architects working in Baltimore, Maryland. Our editorial team chose these firms based on their portfolios, experience, and awards.

Top Residential Architects and Designers

Ziger|Snead Architects

1006 Morton Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

About Ziger|Snead Architects

Ziger|Snead Architects is a nationally-recognized full-service architecture firm known for its design excellence. Since its inception in 1984, it has aimed to create innovative designs that positively impact the lives of the people who use them. The firm provides project positioning, feasibility studies, programming, strategic master planning, interior design, and sustainable design services in Baltimore and the surrounding area. The firm focuses on relationships and active community engagements, resulting in many transformative projects for non-profit organizations and institutions.

The firm operates under the leadership of Steve Ziger and James A. Snead. Steve is a hands-on design partner for the company and is always present on each project. Meanwhile, James became partner emeritus in 2019 and has since been working on selected projects supporting the studio as an advisor and mentor.

McInturff Architects

4220 Leeward Place, Bethesda, MD 20816

About McInturff Architects

McInturff Architects is an architecture studio in Bethesda, Maryland. It was formed in 1986, providing architectural design, building design, custom homes, green buildings, home additions, extensions, remodeling, space planning, and interior design services across Maryland. For over 35 years, the eight-person firm has dedicated itself to crafting high-end residential, commercial, and small institutional projects across the state. It values exceptional client interaction and ensures each project is tailored to customers’ needs.

Mark McInturff owns and leads the company. With his expertise and decades of knowledge in residential architecture, McInturff Architects has collected over 350 design awards, including the 2021 Residential Design Architecture Award from the Residential Design Magazine for the Georgian House and two Merit Awards from the AIA Maryland for the Georgetown House and the House in Kenwood.

2e Architects

9515 Deereco Road, Suite #907, Timonium, MD 21093

About 2e Architects

2e Architects is an award-winning, custom residential design firm specializing in custom homes, whole home remodels, home additions, and home renovations services. Headquartered in Timonium, Maryland, the firm extends its services throughout the Greater Baltimore area, including Washington, DC, and much of the Mid-Atlantic Region. For over 16 years in the industry, the firm has built numerous luxury homes for discerning homeowners. 2e Architects strives to gain a deep understanding of clients’ hopes, desires, and needs to discover the definition of their dream homes.

2e Architects operates under the direction of Peter Twohy. He has 32 years of experience in the architecture field and specializes in designing custom homes in the mid-Atlantic region. He worked as one of the lead designers of a German firm—Diniaware Architects in Königstein—for over two years then established 2e in 2005.

GriD architects

2200 Somerville Road, Suite #201, Annapolis, MD 21401

About GriD architects

GriD architects is an award-winning firm operating out of its office in Annapolis, Maryland. The firm specializes in architecture, historic residential renovations, custom residential, and commercial architecture. Since its inception, the firm has been passionate about creating beautiful buildings, landscapes, and crafts by embracing the environment it builds in. The firm believes that design is the core of everything it does, so it strives to make each project beautifully conceived, resolved, and executed.

Brian Grieb and Alick Dearie founded the company in 2008. The former is a licensed architect in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Florida, and North Carolina. He is also a tenured professor at Morgan State University School of Architecture and Planning. Meanwhile, Alick serves as the design principal and is licensed to practice architecture in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia.

SM+P Architects

1100 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

About SM+P Architects

SM+P Architects is a Baltimore architecture firm committed to providing a custom, crafted approach to each project it undertakes. The firm has earned a reputation for developing and restoring some of Baltimore’s most notable architecture. It specializes in architecture, historic preservation, and residential and restaurant projects. It has established a diverse clientele list for nearly four decades, including schools, laboratories, private clubs, and residences. SM+P Architects has the technical expertise to understand the complexities of each project.

Walter Schamu founded the company in 1982. He is respected throughout Maryland for his expertise in historic architecture. He founded the Baltimore Architecture Foundation and is affiliated with the AIA College of Fellows. The firm has been featured by multiple media outlets, including Baltimore Business Journal, Insider, and The Maryland Daily Record.

Marren Architects

8 West West Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

About Marren Architects

Established in 2003, Marren Architects is an award-winning architecture firm operating in Baltimore. It provides a wide selection of services, including custom homes, multi-family residences, housing developments, and hospitality projects, serving clients across Baltimore and New York. Since its founding, the firm has strived to be clients’ first choice whether they want to create a luxury pool house or a master suite. Each solution Marren Architects creates is designed to ensure it functions exactly as clients need it to.

Martin JW Marren is a licensed architect in Maryland, Georgia, and New York. He is the firm’s senior principal and has served as the principal-in-charge and lead design architect for numerous projects in East Baltimore and South Baltimore. Under his oversight, Marren Architects received the Excellence in Design Awards Honorable Mention, Residential from AIA Baltimore in 2020.

brennan + company architects

803 Oella Avenue, Ellicott City, MD 21043

About brennan + company architects

Brennan + Company Architects is an open-studio and collaborative firm in Baltimore and Washington, providing full-service architectural design, master planning, feasibility studies, programming, and landscape design services. It opened its doors in 1987 and has developed and renovated many beautiful, intelligent community buildings and residences. The firm designs holistic and sustainable environments and promotes building preservation and reuse. It is committed to creating environmentally-friendly and historically sensitive design solutions so future generations can enjoy the environment we live in today.

The team is led by Rob Brennan, who has 30 years of experience in residential, educational, and community projects in the Baltimore-Washington region. He was the former president of the AIA Baltimore and the Baltimore Architecture Foundation. Brennan + Company Architects is affiliated with the USGBC Baltimore, National Trust for Historic Preservation, and Preservation Maryland.

Jonathan Rivera Architecture

1242 Morgan Station Road, Woodbine, MD 21797

About Jonathan Rivera Architecture

Jonathan Rivera Architecture is an award-winning commercial and residential architecture firm specializing in custom homes, additions, renovations, garages, covered porches, outdoor spaces, and pocket projects. Headquartered in Woodbine, Maryland, it offers creative solutions for residential homes in Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York. Since 2003, the firm’s founder has been at the forefront of every project, sharing his expertise and providing considerable insight into every project.

Jonathan Rivera owns and leads the company. He brings 20 years of experience in the architecture industry and is known for his attention to detail. As a leader, he likes to be involved in every project to ensure clients are 100% satisfied with the results. His dedication and passion for his craft enabled the firm to bring clients’ dreams to life.

Vincent Greene Architects

733 W 40th, Suite #250-PS, Baltimore, MD 21211

About Vincent Greene Architects

Vincent Greene Architects is a small design firm in Baltimore, Maryland. It focuses on building elegant custom residences across Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, Utah, Montana, and Mississippi. The firm provides various services, including custom homes, renovations, and historic and waterfront estates. The firm listens carefully to its clients’ needs and desires, then balances those needs with environmental regulations and budgets. It approaches each project differently, ensuring every solution reflects customers’ lifestyles and preferences.

Vincent Greene leads a team of skilled and experienced design professionals. He is the owner and founder of Vincent Greene Architects and personally oversees every project. Multiple media outlets have featured the firm, including The Spruce, Annapolis Home Magazine, and Home & Design Magazine.

Allbright Bullock Architects

1711 Aliceanna Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

About Allbright Bullock Architects

Allbright Bullock Architects is an award-winning architecture firm that has been providing elegant residential design services since 1997. It is licensed to perform work in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and California and has built numerous projects across Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Calvert County, Carroll County, Frederick County, Howard County, Kent County, and Montgomery County. The firm also specializes in renovations and commercial architecture. Allbright Bullock Architects encourages sustainable and environmentally responsible design choices and implements green design systems as a gesture of respect for the environment.

David Gene Bullock serves as the president of Allbright Bullock Architects. He is licensed to practice architecture in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and California and focuses on residential and small commercial projects. Before establishing his company, he worked as an associate with a mid-sized firm in San Diego, where he honed his technical drawing and project management skills.

Ratcliffe Architects

10404 Stevenson Road, Stevenson, MD 21153

About Ratcliffe Architects

Formed in 2000, Ratcliffe Architects is an architecture firm specializing in custom residential and high-end commercial architecture. Ratcliffe serves the Greater Baltimore community, providing fresh and responsive designs that meet customers’ needs. The firm has earned a reputation for its design excellence and has grown through referral business. It employs a team of 10 architectural professionals with decades of combined experience in the design and technical aspects of construction.

Ratcliffe Architects operates under the leadership of Peter Ratcliffe, a licensed architect in six states. Under his supervision, the firm was featured in multiple press publications, including Towson Lifestyle Magazine, Baltimore Sun, and American Builders Quarterly. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects and The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

PI.KL Studio

1916 Fleet Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

About PI.KL Studio

Operating out of its office in Baltimore, Maryland, PI.KL Studio is an architecture firm specializing in architecture and design, design-build, and development services. The firm first opened its doors in 2010 and has since focused on engaging in holistic design processes to optimize every aspect of a project from inception to completion. The firm has earned a reputation for delivering projects on time, within budget, and with outstanding quality. The firm employs dedicated design and construction professionals committed to transforming clients’ dreams into reality.

Kuo Pao Lian and Pavlina Ilieva are the firm’s managing principals. Both earned their master’s in architecture from Texas Tech University College of Architecture. Under their management, PI.KL Studio has won multiple awards, including the Excellence in Design Awards Winner from AIA Baltimore in 2020.

Melville Thomas Architects

608 West University Parkway, Baltimore, MD 21210

About Melville Thomas Architects

Melville Thomas Architects is an architecture and planning company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Since its inception in 1987, it has earned a reputation for its excellent craftsmanship and thoughtful design solutions. It offers a wide range of services, including new construction, home additions, renovations, and residential construction. It also focuses on quality management to ensure perfect results and satisfied customers.

The firm is led by Laura Thomas, who brings over 35 years of experience in the architecture industry. She formed the company three decades ago after working with major firms in both Boston and Baltimore. After establishing the company, she concentrated her professional efforts on a residential practice where she developed an impressive list of clients. Laura is affiliated with the AIA and is a LEED-accredited professional.

EastWing Architects

837 W 35th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211

About EastWing Architects

Established in 2016, EastWing Architects is a full-service architecture firm creating unique spaces for unique people. The firm specializes in residential architecture, commercial architecture, home additions, renovations, and new construction services for clients across Baltimore and beyond. Each project starts by listening to clients’ desires and needs, allowing the team to identify customers’ goals and implement solutions that align with their personalities and enhance their daily lives. The firm believes that every successful project is a result of collaboration. So its diverse team of dedicated professionals combines their skills and knowledge to make clients’ dreams happen.

Evan Wivell founded the company five years ago and has over 15 years of professional experience in the architecture and construction industry. He is licensed to practice architecture in Maryland and Washington, DC.

Place architecture:design

P.O. Box 556, Brooklandville, MD 21022

About Place architecture:design

Place architecture:design is a full service, custom residential architectural firm specializing in good design + sustainability. Their projects range in scale from new construction and whole house renovations to outdoor spaces, kitchens + bathrooms. It serves much of the Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and New Jersey. Some of their work can also be found in Canada , Utah and Los Angeles. Formed in 2005, the firm has focused on designing with sustainability. Incorporating sustainable features has been an integral part of its design process as a conscious effort to preserve the environment.

Laurie Stubb serves as the company’s managing principal. She is an award-winning architect with over three decades of experience creating lasting relationships with with her clients. She completed her bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture from the University of Maryland, College Park.